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Puzzlium's mission is to release people's creativity to make the world smarter. Founded in February 2014 in Silicon Valley by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr, Peter Grabarchuk, and Mehmet Murat Sevim.
"Best New Game Updates"
"What's Hot in Educational Games"
—App Store Editorial Team
  "Really rewarding social interaction."
—Andrew Tropeano, News Watch
  "Impressive development so far and potential for continued growth."
—FbStart Accelerator
  "Best of all, you can create and publish your own puzzles for people to enjoy."
—Deb Amlen, Wordplay
Founders' background
• 25+ years on the puzzle market (including mechanical puzzles, books, web, and mobile puzzle development).
• Created 7,000+ original puzzles (manipulative, paper and pencil, visual, math, logic, interactive, and much more).
• Partnership with 20+ companies worldwide.
• Developing Puzzlium, the 1st puzzle social network (solve, create, compete, share, and earn).
• Closed 2 investment rounds to push forward the puzzle development.
• Participation in the Mountain View based 500 Startups accelerator.
• 50 apps released on Apple App Store and Amazon Kindle (7,000,000+ downloads).
• Published 15 interactive puzzle e-books (700,000+ downloads).
• 15 puzzles manufactured worldwide (500,000+ sold).
• 6 puzzle websites run since 1998 (1,000,000's of visitors).
• 5 puzzle paperbooks published worldwide (25,000+ sold).
• Participation in development of dozens of puzzle products (1,000,000's sold).
• Hundreds of puzzle publications, participation in dozens of puzzle events worldwide.
• Celebration of Mind 2015
• Happy Thanksgiving 2014
• Celebration of Mind 2014 - to celebrate 100th anniversary of Martin Gardner's birth.
• Double Dissections: Visual Geometry with Origami Squares
• Tangram: Modern Discoveries and Achievements
With a kind permission of Jerry Slocum, historical challenges from The Tangram Book written by Jerry Slocum with Jack Botermans, Dieter Gebhardt, Monica Ma, Xiaohe Ma, Harold Raizer, Dic Sonneveld, and Carla van Splunteren, are added to Puzzlium.
Alessandro Maria Ferrazza, Helen Grabarchuk, Kate Grabarchuk, Peter Grabarchuk, Serhiy Grabarchuk, Serhiy Grabarchuk Jr, Tanya Grabarchuk, Igor Kravchenko, Richard Malaschitz, Nicola Salmoria, Metin Say, Mehmet Murat Sevim, Valeriy Yamkovyy.
Erik Hovanec, Yvette Bohanan, David Goldenberg, Milton Soong, Wei-Hwa Huang, Abel Garcia, Harry L Nelson, Scott Kim, Will Shortz, Mark Setteducati, Ed Pegg Jr.
Abel A. Garcia, Adrian Garcia, Elizabeth Mary McLoughlin, 500 Startups, Harry Nelson, Shelly Hazard, Wei-Hwa Huang, Dave Rossetti, and Lynn Rossmann.
Abel G, Adrian H, Alexandre B, Anton, Armando H, Beth B, Bill I, Bruno R, Carl H, Curtis E, Daniel A, Daniel C, Dima K, Ed P, Elena P, Federico P, Hasan Y, Holly B, Igor K, James M, Jan E, Jennifer A, Karen A, Katya K, Lex M, Lynne W, Olga L, Oskar D, Marcel W, Mark S, Marko B, Matthew R, Nick B, Nicola S, Nigel C, Patricia W, Rene S, Richard M, Roberto E, Roderick K, Ryan K, Scott M, Shelly H, Stan I, Stefano S, Thomas S, Thomas S, Tom C, Tracy A, Vaidas R, Yee L, and Zoreslav K
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